How To Make Money With WordPress In 48 Hours (Step by Step Guidelines)

Various studies have shown that about 39% of the websites currently published on the Internet are made with WordPress. So with these statistics, you can understand how the market demand of a WordPress designer can be. The better you learn about WordPress, creating themes for WordPress, plugin development, etc., the better you will be able to establish yourself as a WordPress professional.

What is a Blog? How to start a blog? Make money by writing blogs

Who doesn’t want to make money online nowadays? Although many do not get the right guide. As a result, many people fail even if they want to. There are many ways to earn money online. Someone is working as a web designer, graphics designer or someone as programmer. However, the most acceptable source of income from online is web design.


Web design usually requires HTML, CSS, PHP, CMS (Content Management System). However, without knowing so much, only by designing a website with CMS (Content Management System) such as WordPress or Joomla can make good money.


Let’s learn How To Make Money With WordPress In 48 Hours


Earnings by creating a WordPress site-

You can earn a minimum of dollar 100 by creating a standard WordPress site according to the international market price. The better the quality of your website, the more likely you are to make money. In this case, there is no limit.

What is WordPress? Use of WordPress

Depending on the importance and quality of the website, there are many web designing companies in the market today who are working to design each website for as little as 10,000 or more.

News Websites, Blogs with WordPress

There are many people around the world who have made a living by creating websites with WordPress as their main source of livelihood. Needless to say, they are regularly earning millions of rupees every month by writing on websites or blogs created using their WordPress, including advertising, affiliate marketing, sponsored articles or selling various products from Google Adsense or other organizations.

Freelancing Online Income

In today’s world, millions of professionals are making money online by freelancing. You can learn WordPress design and development well by joining various popular freelancing websites and working through them by interacting with web development, theme development or customization, plugin development work donors.


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Earn Free or Premium WordPress Theme Development or Customization

If you are able to do WordPress theme development or customization efficiently, you can earn a lot of money by developing new themes for different WordPress sites or customizing another WordPress theme. In this case, initially, you have to prove your work skills in the world of technology by working on freelancing sites like Upwork, Fiber,, etc. Later, as your acquaintance grows, you will have the opportunity to work independently through your own organization and achieve enviable success in terms of income.

Proceeds from Premium WordPress Plugin Development

Just like WordPress theme customization, there is an opportunity to make a lot of money online by developing WordPress plugins. In this case, you will be able to earn as much success as you can show your skills as well as creativity.

Provides WordPress tutorials online or offline 

You will be able to earn a respectable living by conducting WordPress tutorials or courses or educational activities on various topics of WordPress online or offline. There is a good demand for WordPress professional tutors in the technology world today.

Ensuring website security or troubleshooting

A skilled WordPress developer enables clients or service recipients to earn a lot of money by ensuring the security of the WordPress site or by taking a fee by solving various problems. At present, there are ample opportunities and possibilities for professionals who are able to do this kind of work in exchange for attractive honors in various big organizations around the world.

But to design a website with WordPress, you need to know some basic information:

  1. Wants to have a basic idea of HTML, CSS.
  2. Must have the idea of buying different domains / setting up domain DNS (name server).
  3. Must have knowledge about buying hosting / adding the domain to hosting/hosting management such as: opening new subdomain / FTP / database etc.
  4. Learn how to install / upgrade/backup new WordPress on the server.
  5. Have an idea about installing/configuring new WordPress themes or new plugins on the server.
  6. Customize new themes or old themes such as color, header, footer, page template, sidebar, font style, etc.
  7. Tweaking minor issues of WordPress such as plugin not working / image or file upload from the dashboard, sidebar not coming properly, post display problem, etc.
  8. Must have updates about domain, hosting, plugin.


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